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top notch

im very impressed, as a first flash this i one of the best quality sprite movies i've seen in a long time.

The audio was near perfect, with the only problem i had was that some sfx was a bit loader than the average volume, there was one too many sfx foot steps for Captain America, but overall perfect. most people dont put in half as much work as you did, you nailed it man.

Background design was simple and effective.
Style was good, i liked how you placed everything so it's like watching from a tv or a gameboy advance mini.
Animation/directing was good, the sprites had good follow.

Story; well can't really say, the dialog had style in presentation, but maybe place the dialog in word bubbles or maybe use the space at the top for a dialog box like in RPG's to make it a bit easier to read.

Overall very good, your already better than most of the people on NG's and i personal know your heading in the right direction. I hope to see some really great things from you in the near future.

Chalupa3266 responds:

Wow, this really made my day. And ya the SFX for walking/running was universal, I did get lazy on that part.

As for the dialogue, I really had no idea on how to go with it so I decided to just let it show up on screen, but like you said I believe a box for it would have been better.

Honestly thanks a lot! I can't wait to think of a story that will allow me to have a better storyboard and the pacing will be much better for sure.

Also I just found out about the v-cam, The zooming in and out I had to motion tween all the objects, was a pain in the butt lol. Wish I found Vcam earlier. Any who thanks a lot, Now I just have to think of something better =P

As for your personal opinion, should I continue with sprite movies or try my hand at hand drawn animation (I can tell you now, my drawing skills have already been really weak but my story/presentation/editing has always been much better).

Lol any who not sure if you will read this, but honestly thank you a lot! I wasn't sure what responses this would get but I am glad they are positive.


great work, good presentation and directing, excellent work for something that came from 1999.

good art and graphics, loved it.


animation and drawing are so so,
the audio is the best part, classic audio file of yoda.

5 lols up

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Really cool, but my mouse constantly moves out of focus.
Nice to see some 3D in Flash, good work, but boring game.

short lived

I really like the electricity effects.
But the game has limited upgrades and get boring quickly.
My only suggestion is to add the purchase of energy fillers or batteries.
Otherwise this is a sold game.

Short and sweet

This game is good.
The graphics and sounds are very professional, the game plays very smooth even on an older computer.

but this game is very short and is not very challenging.
I finished the game in under 2 hours.

There are in game achievement and medals, but I would like to see some newgrounds medals.

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