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The normal, siting in my awesome out house which now has wifi. Someday I'll make my return to the portal, and it shall be huge, or not. (Coola Studios is now Tigarus.)

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Posted by Patcoola - June 9th, 2015


New animated short Goblins Hate Hobbits, is a parody spoof of Tosh.O and Hobbit.

Watch Goblins Hate Hobbits


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Posted by Patcoola - May 22nd, 2014

Hello everyone,

after 10 long years I've submitted my first movie since 2003.

check out The Indie Game Developer


also check out my new Blog to learn more about my projects and more. 

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Posted by Patcoola - June 28th, 2010

Posted by Patcoola - November 2nd, 2009

Posted by Patcoola - August 25th, 2009

Visit my new official blog at patcoola.coolastudios.com

News, Media, Development and Projects all viewable at my new blog.
and more.

Posted by Patcoola - May 2nd, 2009

Flash projects

This is a list of current flash projects im working on.

Major Projects:
Title (note) [type] (announced) [statues]
Operation Supermoose (OSM):
- OSM (4 episode series)[flashmovie](2004) [on holed]
- OSM art library [flash] [on holed]
- OSM new episode 5 - 11 scripts [movie scripts] [on holed]
- OSM sound track [audio] [on holed]

- FLAPS* [flash component] [on holed]
- Flash zoom component [flash component](2003) [on holed]
- Flash controller panels [flash component](2003) [on holed]
- Flash Frame Rate Graph [flash component](2008) [on holed]
- Platform Engine [flash AS] (2008) [on holed]

T-shirt design (Black Heart) [art] [on holed]

This summer development projects:
- Finish write ups for new website
- Publish website

Flash Components:
- FLAPS Basic NG Edition
- Flash controller panels: Flash player Basic
- Flash controller panels: FLV player Basic
- Flash controller panels: MP3 Player Basic
- Download This!
- Easy Mouse Cursor
- Tool Tips

- Newgrounds Stat logger (Like NGlog) [Flash App]
- Go Kart (TI-83) [Game]
- Frogger (Style) [Game]
- Pong [Game]
- Break Out [Game]

Foot notes:
Flash Licensing And Protection System (FLAPS)

I've got alot of small functions in development like a duplicate symbol function, data encryption and etc..

Operation Supermoose is my pride and joy which i've been work on it's art library on and off for the past 3 years, i hope to get some time to finish it someday. Each episode will be about 11 minutes long and all the audio has been recorded with professional audio equipment.

Posted by Patcoola - April 15th, 2009

Hello everyone,

I'd just like to share some of the many audio mixs and samples i've made over the years.

Click here to Listen

There is about 14 tracks
Totaling 15 minutes

I hope you enjoy

Posted by Patcoola - March 28th, 2009

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Posted by Patcoola - January 16th, 2008

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Hello newgrounds this is my first blog post. <updated 10/06/2008>

Iam the long forgotten Patcoola the creator of WormsTrek Rhapsody back in late 2003, but even though i haven't posted any new flash in years I have still been around in silence till i return someday, here is what ive been up to.

Newgrounds stats:
Level: 42
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2x10k pentalist rank: #64
Total: 61148 (= exp + b/p + posts + reviews)
2157 points gain since 09/02/2008 *nglog.denvish.net

Current Projects: * all on holed till end of college courses
(note) [type] [for] (started) [statues]
Operation Supermoose (4 episode series)[flashmovie][coolastudios](2004 ) [on holed]
Operation Supermoose art library [flash] [on going]
Operation Supermoose new episode 5 - 11 scripts [movie scripts] [on holed]
Operation Supermoose sound track [audio] [on holed]
FLAPS (Flash Licensing And Protection System)[flash component][coolastudios] [on going]
Flash zoom component [flash component][coolastudios](2003) [on holed]
Flash controller panels [flash component][coolastudios](2003) [on going]
T-shirt design (Black Heart) [art] [on holed]
Platform Engine [flash AS] (2008) [on holed]
Flash Frame Rate Graph [flash component][coolastudios](2008) [on going]

Note Coolastudios.com is down due to hack attacks and will be back up all new in the next 2 months or so. * still working on the design. *i just finished reading the css book

For the quality of my new work you can expect to see all as the image below all the time at 24/32 frames per second using S.M.T animation or M.T. combination, not F.B.F. and all audio is now made by me with pro level audio equipment. Operation Supermoose is my big project with every episode about 11 minutes long, the picture below is from episode one, if you have any questions or comments just ask im here every day.

Iam Patcoola <updated 10/06/2008>